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Cotton Blankets & Throws (Kusha)

The Kusha blankets and throws are the ultimate in cotton blanket. They are traditionally crafted as part of the cottage industry of the Punjab region of Pakistan in partnership with artisans. They are made of 100% hand-spun and hand-dyed cotton, finished in hand-knotted fringing.


Wool Blankets & Throws (Jutta)

Woven in the Punjab region of Pakistan, the Jutta blankets and throws showcase the traditional loom techniques of the indigenous people of the area. They are crafted out of hand-spun pure wool in select hand-dyed colors, accented with a discreetly designed woven border and a hand-woven fringe at the edges.


Protective Apparel

Living with COVID-19 has not been easy for anyone and frankly, everyone has gone through their own personal hell. Safety is a priority for all and will remain so for a while.

Here, you will find premium protective gear, made in the city of Lahore.


Beyond Fashion

Sterling Method is about conscious consumerism and ethical purchasing while sourcing quality textile goods from local communities vs. large factories.

Beyond Fashion is dedicated to an array of goods made ethically by artisans and craftspeople across Pakistan.


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