2 Months In

Things have been going quite well. I've been driving traffic from my instagram to the website and the interest has been overwhelming. I'm pleased with the interest as well as the sales.  

Recently, I started getting more involved with the sustainable apparel and slow fashion community and reached out to companies, organizations, and individuals in this space. While I am happy so many wonderful people are changing their consumer mindset, I have to admit there are way too many pretenders out there. 

I was never big on Instagram and it was Sterling Method that pushed me to use it more often and promote myself. Some of these so-called "influencers", which are a dime a dozen, by the way, are so damningly self obsessed. I know this is nothing new but the social media narcissism is too rooted in modern day culture and influences our consumption - whether it be material goods or content.

This is enlightening to me because in order for me to promote Sterling Method, I have to be in this ecosystem. And this is a bit of a challenge. I'm ready for it. Maybe it is intuition or gut feeling or it might even just be that some of these people are too self absorbed to even notice how transparent they are. Worse, they know exactly what they are doing. I am being intentionally vague about this. For those of you who get the drift, you know what I'm talking about ;)

I don't mean to use this blog as a cynical place so I'll stop there with that. I say all this because I promised I would frequently update on what I'm thinking, how I'm going, what's next, etc, etc. So there you have it. 

For what's next. I'm doing more promotions on Instagram. I have more customers visit my website every week. Some have bought, some have not. Did I expect to have this many customers? No. 

So I'm pretty content. I do hope it continues to grow :)



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