Reinventing thyself.. not for change but for resolution


It’s the start of something new. COVID-19 has been a drag and in the middle of the pandemic, in May of 2020, I rolled the dice and started this company. The name Sterling Method comes from the idea of living a life of value, hence the Sterling. The Method is how to live that life of fulfillment and value. 


The toughest question to answer is not what you do but how and why. We’re supposed to operate in shades of gray as humans and as we live in a divisive and highly opinionated world, we’ve become increasingly binary, choosing one side or the other. To be right, someone or something has to be wrong. And to me, this stems from abundance. An abundance of options, hyper-consumerism of everything, and the relentless want for more. 


Sterling Method was my outlet. Not an escape but more of an extension and a more tangible manifestation of how to live a fuller and self-reliant life. 


The idea is to be minimal and more conscious in consumption yet still live a quality life with products that have soul, a story and heart. It’s that balance and a means to live well in gray. And while you pursue that journey, give back by being as sustainably conscientious as possible.


… and that is Sterling Method

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