Rounding Out the Year & Bill 62

Progress has been made and it comes at an increasing pace as the days go by. Personally, I am enjoying the interactions with new customers and engaging with people in sustainable apparel. It feels more like a community with a common goal - and that to me is one of the great reasons I feel galvanized to expand Sterling Method a little more with every passing day. 

One thing I have been very pleased with recently is that Governor Newsom in California just signed Bill 62 - The Garment Worker Protection Act, paving the way for garment workers to get a minimum of $14/hour, amongst other protections. 

This is where government mandates and good governance can help create a ore equitable and sustainable ecosystem. In theory, there should be little to no opposition or divided opinion on the main objectives of Bill 62 but there are detractors as there always will be... everywhere, and seemingly with everything. 

Regardless, this bodes well for the future and while not directly impacting Sterling Method, it pleases me and leaves me feeling excited about the possibilities through Sterling Method

Cotton Herringbone Throw on a Traditional Charpai

 Cotton Herringbone Throw on Traditional Charpai

It is gratitude that bores excitement. Gratitude that I live by an ethos embedded in my lifestyle and my business. And within that is appreciation of progress.   

I am oddly looking forward to close this rather dispiriting pandemic year with a silent but sanguine prayer.  



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